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Recently scientist from the University of Helsinki, Dalial Freitak and Heli Salmela, have developed a platform to vaccinate bees and pollinators against any pathogens that cause microbial diseases. "The basis of the innovation is quite simple. When the queen bee eats something with pathogens in it, the pathogen signature molecules are bound by vitellogenin. Vitellogenin then carries these signature molecules into the queen’s eggs, where they work as inducers for future immune responses." The scientist first goal is to treat honey bees and vaccinate against American Foulbrood, Chalkbrood, European Foulbrood and fungal diseases. This project is currently in the market research phase and is looking to interview beekeepers to hear their thoughts, questions and needs before it comes to market. This product will be regulated by the USDA and likely have to be prescribed by veterinarians. If you are interested in this research I put a link to an article written by the university and a survey if you might want to help with the research.

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