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New Bee Mom in Atlanta GA

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Hi new bee friends! I am Lynn, and I love my new job as Bee Mom! While I have read and listened and watched, nothing compares to time in the fire
and now 6 weeks in with my sweet hive, I have new questions every day! I look forward to learning with and from you.
Thank you for having me, hive mind!!
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Welcome to Beesource LynnO! Please edit your profile to reflect that you are located in Atlanta, GA. Obviously, you have stated that in this thread, but if you have future questions, the answers to those questions will likely be location-specific. If your location is always readily identifiable, you will get better, more tailored answers to your questions.

You are lucky to be so close to Athens, GA and their bee lab and resources. I want to buy a few nucs from Jennifer Berry in Comer, GA (an entomologist at UGA). You need to make sure you go to the seminars sponsored by Young Harris at UGA as frequently as you are able.

Anyway, welcome to beesource and good luck with your new hives.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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