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New Bee Keeper Colorado Springs Area

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Hi everyone, I'm new to actually keeping bees however have been reading up forever. We live around Colorado Springs at 7300 feet and a natural hive up in our rock formations died so I wanted to establish a hive to help with the area. All neighbors were fine with it.

I recently removed a hive from a shed for a family that was getting worried. Three plus years established, approximately 3 feet square with comb 11 inches height. I transferred them into my top bar hive and fixed a hanging frame of brood to the top bar. So now the wait, to make sure the queen was not injured/killed. Bee are rather calm other than one or two who go right for me every time. They don't seem to use the periscope entrance and will likely remove the cover to allow access then close it up once regular use is occurring. Any pointers? Also how long before they start building comb that I can see?
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Welcome from Castle Rock. No experience with top bars, but I imagine the bees will sort it out. With these early flows, they should be making comb immediately. You might consider providing them a restricted feeder - slow & steady, in case the flow becomes intermittent. If they are calm (as you say), and you see them clinging to each other when you spread the frames, the queen is probably in there. Give them a week or so to get the ball rolling, then check for eggs/brood.
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