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Hello Community,

This is my first year beekeeping and I just installed my 1st package yesterday...I installed it at 6am at 60 degrees and in 3 hours the temp dropped 30 degrees :/ but they're clustered and feeding and hanging in there.

I hope to catch some swarms to supplement my vulnerable one hive and add two or three.

Interested in top-bar hives, natural-ish management, hack-building, cheap building, bee-keeping in relation to urban "homesteading", advanced hive management, and really everything else.

I built six 4 foot top bar hives from scrap wood and have them in the backyard of a very urban area. Only one is currently occupied as of today

Always looking for help and advice, love the idea of a bee community and in Indiana, Pa the community is dispersed and/or nonexistent.

I am a newbee but very well-read so I hope to contribute as well as benefit.

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