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new and nervous!

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hi all,
i'm a first time top bar bee keeper in portland, or. i'm super excited to be keeping bees, but i'm not sure it's going so well so far. there are lots of dead bees in front of my hive! i'll post questions about this elsewhere. for now, i'm just saying hello. i'm a social worker, soccer player, gardener, who plays a little guitar too. thanks for having me here!
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Do you have an agricultural extension agent you could ask about sending your dead bees for analysis. Are they healthy inside the hive or are there a lot dead inside too.
there are a lot dead inside too--- mostly ones that didn't make it out of the package. still, there are maybe 1/2 alive and seemingly healthy...

I'm a backyard keeper here in Portland as well (also a Social Worker and musician...go figure).

Anyway, if you ever have any questions or need any assistance let me know.

Where did you get your package from? Ruhl? Did you immediately install your package? Did you feed your bees?

As long as Queenie is in good health and there are enough workers your bees should be fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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