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Just a reminder that now is the time to harvest and store away stinging nettles.
Who needs to grow spinach when you can just go out and harvest the nettles.

My way:
Harvest the 2-3 inch tips (the most tender).
Form balls roughly a cup in size.
Use as spinach/kale/mustard greens substitute in any recipe.

I also dry them for tea and for baking.

BTW, the nettles also contain OA (oxalic acid).
It turned out this is what actually creates the stinging sensation (not formic acid as previously thought).

Oxalic acid and tartaric acid were identified, for the first time, as major long-lasting pain-inducing toxins in the stinging hairs of U. thunbergiana. The general view that formic acid, histamine and serotonin are the pain-inducing agents in the stinging hairs of U. dioica may require updating, since their concentrations in U. thunbergiana were too low to induce significant pain sensation in behavioural bioassays.


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Looks amazing. I never thought I'd be jealous of areas with nettles. We might have a couple here and there but not enough worth harvesting.

Poison Oak on the other hand, come up with a recipe for that and I could feed an army.
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