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I moved a loaded hive this weekend. Went over at dusk, it was chilly so there were only a few, one or two bees, out. I had stapled a piece of fabric screening on to an entrance reducer leaving about an inch over hang. When we got to the hive I pushed the reducer into the opening and stapled the screening tight to the box and base. We used one ratcheting strap to hold the whole hive together. We had to move it right then (it was two hours away) When we got home we just left the hive in the van in the garage. I hoped that if we'd jostled the cluster too much the warmth of the van would give them time to huddle back up before the temperature dropped. The next morning once the sun was up and warming the air we moved the hive to the cement blocks I'd put out the day before. I removed the entrance reducer and screen and stuffed the entry with grass. The grass would slow them down so they didn't just fly out in defense and eventually they would be able to get out without much effort.
Today they are out flying and bringing in pollen.
By the way I paid $200. for two hives (only one with bees) and wooden ware. The gentleman I bought from sold after a bear torn down his other hive twice and he lost interest.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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