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need swarm prevention help

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I have a nuc that is in an 8 frame deep ( shimmed 8 frame medium) and they look like they are about to swarm. Queen with 2 supercedure cells plenty of capped brood but no room to lay do to backfill. I threw a medium on with drawn comb and a few partially drawn combs to give the queen someplace to lay and keep the wax builders busy. is there anything else I can do to prevent swarming? Since that is my only " deep" I can't really open the brood nest up and I don't really want to shim another medium and spit the deep because I would like to convert back to all medium equipment. As a precaution, I did set up some empty hives on the stand in case they do swarm in hopes they will just move next door. Any other suggestions?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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