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Need Help

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I'm new to bee keeping and really enjoy learning about them. This was my first year too keep bees and I HAD 2 hives, and have one left in my tree. This fall I found one hive dead and the comb was really dark brown and the larva was dead. I check my other hive today and found my bees to be dead. So now I'm back to the starting point. I did see several SHB in my hives this year also.

I am going to order some more bees and wondering what and where should I order them from. I live in west Tennessee and thinking about the carniolan bees. Any advice or suggestions would be great!
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Man that's painful. This doesn't answer your specific question, but if you haven't put up the equipment or cleaned it out, see if you can get a local beek to come by, and help you figure out why they died. That way if it was something you might have done or not done, you won't repeat the mistake.

Sometimes an "autopsy" is the most important part of beekeeping.
Good luck!
Sorry about your loss. 15% loss over winter is normal. An experienced beek checking the deadouts could probably tell you what happened. If he dead bees are mostly with their heads in cells, they starved. Sometimes they starve because the honey is not within reach of them when it gets too cold and they cannot move to the honey. The comb was not organized well. Dark comb is normal. SHB are a problem but won't actually cause hive death.

When the weather warms up, wax moths will quickly destroy used comb. So, if you don't get new bees and make use of the comb in the hives, make sure it is stored with the moth killer you buy from suppliers or is stored with lots of light.

Don't get discouraged. We all have losses. And for a beginner, heavier losses are normal.
Good luck.
How well did you educate yourself on beekeeping before you got your bees? I'm entering my third year of keeping bees. I read everything I can get my hands on and learn new things everyday. My best advice, try to find a local beekeeping club or another keeper in your area. Ask a million questions and It's a process....Good luck.
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