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Need Help Identifying

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Hello all,
I believe a swarm of bees has built a nest in a spruce tree right along my front walk to the entrance of my house. We had a bad storm and it looks like a ton of them got caught in my toddlers water area and drowned. I was wondering if anyone could identify them and if I should be concerned they are so close to the house and where we walk...? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!!

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Yup, yellow jackets - not bees.

If you know where the colony is you can get a spray to knock them down in one go. The spray goes up to 20-30 feet or something crazy so you don't have to get close.

This late in the year they are after sweets. I'm having a lot of luck knocking down the numbers with jam in a wasp trap....since they love ripping my bees in half and taking them back to their colony. :mad:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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