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Need help fast

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I had a strong hive that swarm a few weeks ago. While I was checking the hive I seen a couple of mites on larva. Now the hive looks like lts going down hill there are a lot of bees but they are not doing anything. They are not drawing out comb or bringing in honey. Can I dust them with sugar while I have another hive beside them. Will my good hive get any of that sugar. I have open bottom. Thanks
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Hmmm. You can dust with powdered sugar whenever you feel it is appropriate. The bees are unlikely to consider dry powdered sugar as food, and the amount of sugar used in a dusting isn't really that much in terms of feeding sugar anyway.

Note that dusting with sugar is a mechanical mite control - interfering with the mite's ability to grip the host bee, and will only affect mites on emerged bees. Dusting doesn't kill those mites. Sugar dust won't do anything for any mites that are in capped brood cells. You may need to dust on multiple occasions to have a real impact on mites.
You may be in a dearth and the bees have nothing to do.
The hive next to it is doing good?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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