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Need a little advice on equipment cleaning

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My gloves are sticky and my bee suit is stinky! Any suggestions on how to properly clean them....especially the sticky goatskin gloves?
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Wash the gloves in soap and water (I put them on and act like I'm washing my hands). After they dry, soak them in mineral oil laxative. After working that in well, you can blot them so they aren't so oily with any old rag or paper towel. Bee suits are usually washed. Best to remove the veil and hand wash that. Wash it on gentle by itself so you don't get venom and propolis on other clothes. Hang it on the line to dry.
Yep...I am with Michael Bush...I was my gloves just like I'm washing my hands. Once they are nearly dry, I put them back on to reinforce all the wrinkles from breaking them in. I haven't done the oil....interesting idea. Same deal on the suit...remove the hood, wash that by hand. Wash the suit on gentle, then hang to dry. Your bees will realllly appreciate this clean suit! :applause:
LOL Just bee PATIENT when zipping the hood back on:}

Took me two cold IBC Diet Root-beers to help me figure how to get it back on! :}
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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