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Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'd like to add a second rod to my backcountry/travel setup. I have a 4-piece 9' Sage for my flyrod. I'd like to get a new spinning outfit that'll be able to be doubled with my flyrod for backpacking and float tubing (that is, fit in a small double-rod travel case). I'm not going pro or anything, just enjoy angling :).

I suppose it should be something in the light range; we just don't do much big fishing here. Mostly high country trout and panfishing with the occasional bass day. And I suppose I don't backpack for the bass, so maybe ultralight to light, fast to medium-fast action, nothing super whippy. 2 lb to maybe 4 lb line most of the time.

I'd like to spend <$200 to $250 for the rod and reel... F&S just had a good review of a Shimano Sedona 2500 reel for $60 I might look at. Thing is it's literally been 20+ years since I bought a new rod, and I'm a little out of the game (read: out of date).

Anyone have an inexpensive travel rig they like?
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