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Nectar Flow questions

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Hate being a new anything and being clueless :scratch:

Both drivable distance bee clubs share the same night, on which I already have other long term commitments, primarily scouting. So they are not available as mentors or for meeting experienced people to ask questions. And I don't know anyone local that is a bee keeper.

My concerns are the nectar flow. Red Maple pollen started almost 2 months ago. I have dandalions, tri-foliate clover and a pink clover all blooming for the last 3 weeks+. Some of the pink clover is 12 to 15 inches tall. Dewberry and some of the commericial blackberrys blooming for last 2 weeks+. I have some of the darn yellow composite flowers blooming, whisteria (spelling?), and many others starting to bloom this last week. And unlike most of Texas, while we might be off the long term average rainfall, the recent rainfall rates are fine. That tall clover is in part of my yard and just got dry enough that I am not mudding with the lawn mower when I try to mow.

My main hive quit taken syrup mostly about 2 weeks ago, but it is on again and off again use. But they are not storing any honey. There is uncapped honey on one side of a frame in 2 places in the brood box and about 1/2 a frame of uncapped honey in the honey super. Some of it is what was uncapped when it was cooler. But they are not collecting any.

Hive is a medium with 8 frames or so of brood. And they are not expanding up with brood into the second medium.

Should I be worried or just give them time?

Is anyone else in Southeast Texas having them storing honey (or across into southern Louisiana).

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Try baiting them up. Move one frame up into the upper box.
LOL - I had checked the hive on Sunday evening and then wrote then made the thread on Wednesday. Opened her up today to add a new comb for them to build on. Think the hive gained 5 to 8 pounds. There are at least 2 frames in the upper super that are uncapped but have honey in them.

Guess I am nervous about screwing up things this first summer.
Everything you mentioned is on about the same time line as I am here (40 miles north of Lake Chales, LA.) I have two hives that I started this spring (one cutout and one duck nest box) and both are hauling lots of eveything. They also slowed way down on syrup intake a couple weeks ago. I'm not feeding at all now and they are doing fine.
Cajun - You are in God's country there, I grew up just south of Sulphur and played ball a few times in your neighborhood. These Texans think they know what real Cajun food is, hehehee. Most think it means dumping a lot of Tony's in it and calling it cajun.

Thanks for the information
There was a commercial beek keeping hives on the north side of Hwy 73, between Port Aurther and Winnie. Never had the chance to meet when passing thru but Always wanted to check them out. Don't know what they were foraging on in that area.
I spent some time around Southland airport in Carlyss years ago. Did my private pilot check ride there.
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