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Nectar everywhere

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This is my first year in beekeeping. Opened the hive (1 deep & 2 mediums) for inspection Saturday. Had added the 2nd super about 10 days ago. The top super was 90% drawn and all that was drawn has nectar, the middle super had the outer frames full and capped, and the center frames with capped brood and capped nectar. All looking good until I spied the first of 3 queen cells in this middle super. In the hive body almost every available cell is filled with nectar. I have made inspections before and not seen the queen but this time I'm concerned. There is larva to be seen but I can't find any eggs. I looked hard and long and may have missed some but I think not. And again even in the center frames, open cells are nectar filled. I'm feeding the bees 1:1 syrup in an entrance feeder, up to 2 quarts a day last week, but I didn't think they would be storing it all.

My thinking at this point is that they don't have enough room and need more space. I the queen is gone I don't want them to swarm with the new queen. So I added 2 more supers. I put a super (1A) above the 1st super (A), putting some undrawn foundation in the center of "A" and drawn frames of brood in the center of "1A". Then I added a queen excluder and above that top super (B) and a new super (2B)mixing the drawn and fresh foundation similarly. There are some capped brood cells in "B" that I hope will lure the bees above the excluder. I'll check next week to see if maybe the queen was trapped above the excluder if I didn't see her.

Would appreciate some thoughts on my actions. I know you can't do everything right in beekeeping but I hope I didn't do anything too wrong.
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Hi Pete0,

It sounds like you're hive is honey bound.
I don't think the hive needs to be fed any more. If you can't find eggs I wouldn't be suprised to find that the hive has swarmed. You can put 100 supers on, but if the queen runs out of room to lay they will swarm. Why don't you put another deep on for the queen to have more space to lay.

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Hey - appreciate the reply. All I ever heard was feed until they stopped taking it. I know they need the feed to build and as a newcomer I don't have any drawn frames to give them. Would they use the stored stuff to build?
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