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Long story short, I had a colony that was very strong about 3 weeks ago. Within 2 weeks I noticed that there were no more uncapped brood or eggs. I added a frame of eggs to see if they'd build their own queen.

No response, the brood is hatching out, no new eggs, nothing.

I then added a frame with 2 capped queen cells. I checked back in a week, the queen cells were still there, alive and healthy.

What could have happened to the queen to just disappear like that? If she was still there, wouldn't she have killed the 2 capped queen cells?

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is this one of your colonies in the middle of treatment for efb?

is it the one not responding well to treatment?

is the overall population dropping off?

the most likely reason for the queen to suddenly show up missing is beekeeper error. she may have fallen off a frame you were inspecting or gotten pinched while you were moving frames in and out.

if that happened and if the colony failed to initiate an emergency queen cell then it may be the efb that interferred with that.

remember, the efb is not so much evidenced by seeing sick larvae as it is present in the food chain; i.e. in the honey, beebread, and the food that is passed around from one bee to the other (and circulating in the 'collective stomach' of the colony) and in turn fed to larvae.

some folks report that colonies will kill their queen if there are health issues going on with the brood. i don't think i've ever observed that.
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