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For most of the frames that I've wired, I've done the following:

I have been running the wire, cutting it from the spool, and twisting the wire ends together. I hold the twisted wires and give the frame a spin. After that, I bend the wires flat against the endbars and I shoot a single 3/8" staple into the endbars to prevent the twisted wire from unraveling.

I have wired some frames without using eyelets but the eyelets allow the wire to move through the endbars more freely. The crimping tool seems to be more effective when eyelets are used.

To embed the wires into the foundation I have been using an old car battery and some wired aligator clips. The battery is still hot enough that it burn up the frame wiring but I have found a technique that works for me. I depress one aligator clip onto the wire on the foundation, and then I quickly touch the other clip to the wire running along the outside of the endbar. When I touch the wire on an endbar it's done with a "match-striking" motion and speed.

Stapling the twisted wires to the endbars seems to be a fairly quick and effective way to attach wires to frames.
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