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My first came while making splits the second week in april. While looking for the queen and splitting resources evenly, we found the marked queen and moved her to the new split, continuing thru the hive checking for capped brood and honey to make the split even, we stumbled into a second, full grown, laying queen.

10 days ago I pulled my favorite marked queen and put her in a nuc so I could get a bunch of queen cells to start nucs with. Yesterday we started checking frames in the main deep brood chamber. Frame after frame, no cells. With two left, I turned to my son and said there has to be a queen still in here. Sure enough, the next frame had a big fat pretty, unmarked queen. So we pulled her out and put her in another nuc and started the 10 day count down again. I'm a second year beek and I've seen 3 double queen hives. 1 the first year, now one in april and one in may. Makes you wonder just how often this happens, or did I start with a strain of bees that is prone to this. I know that the two queens in the last two months came from differenct sources. One came with my first batch of 5 nucs from Destin Fl. The other came from a nuc that I made this summer, with a Florida Queens VSH queen.

Interesting stuff...
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