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My new Toy

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Picked up a Dado cutting blade and made a quick crosscutting sled jig to test it out last night. Took a bit of tweaking but it works now.
Finally I can make those finger joints! Unfortunately the mandrel on my table saw can only handle enough Dado blades to get me to a 1/2" thick cut.
Every plan I've seen calls for 3/4. Frankly I don't think it really matters. I'll just have more fingers in my boxes.

My Jig can handle two boards at a time but I am planning to build a bigger one that can handle four boards at a time so I can just make a whole box at once.
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Pretty neat but two boards at a time will be the long sides. Flip the boards you cut back around and you will have the proper distance down for the short boards (your first set of cut fingers will index where to start the fronts or short sides). Otherwise all your fingers will be on the same spot and the fronts and backs and when they fit together they will be off the ½” of your finger width. Too bad you could not have got just a little bit more width on the dato, if memory serves the rabbet for the frame rest is 5/8” down, now you will have a 1/8” gap on the sides of the hive by the frame rest. Maybe do a double cut on the tops (I have seen some do that even with ¾” for strength).
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