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I recently started a thread about WBC hives, as I hadn't really seen them before, but they had piqued my interest. After doing some research on them I decided to design a new hive that combined the weather proofing & better insulation of a WBC hive with the ease of use of a Langstroth. While also improving on the designs with some modern materials...Let me know what you think. (the CAD drawing was very quick and not perfectly to scale.)

Numbers are as follows:

1. - Standard Langstroth Hive
2. - 1/4" "black iron" pipe handle
3. - "Trex" fascia board "shiplapped"
4. - 2" spray foam insulation
5. - 1/4" weather sealed plywood.
Not labeled. - 1"x2" connections between the inner (Langstroth) and outer (WBC) Hive.

View attachment hybrid hive Model.pdf
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