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My hive swarmed

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My strongest hive of 3*11 frame boxes with my bought queen swarmed this week :( .

I bought some all plastic frames last year and my bees hate them, even though they were waxed. So I decided to put the last box on my strongest hive and keep them a bit crowded to force them to use the plastic. I put the plastics on the hive third from the bottom with the drawn honey stores above.
Mistake!!! the bees said hold on we have run out of room and swarmed.

In future I'm just going to feed a few plastic frames in here and there untill they are all drawn.
I just use unwired wooden frames now cheaper and they extract ok, the only thing to watch with unwired is not to tilt them too much when they are only part drawn as they bend till fixed to the bottom of the frames.

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