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My hive is being robbed...

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I went out and took a super of honey from an off-site strong hive. Some honey in the back of my truck. Truck parked near a weak hive. Figured the bees would clean out the back of the truck.

The problem now is that neighborhood robbers have found the weak hive.

I read Bush's website, the section on robbing.

Can I just put on an external bottle feeder tonight and screen the entrance for 24hr?

I don't have any pollen substitute to feed. Any suggestions beyond that?

Currently the entrance is reduced, although it could be reduced more.
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I just went out and looked again and the cloud of robbing bees are gone.

Just the normal in and out of bees coming and going in the hive.

It's still light out. Still a lot of bees in my truck bed.

they'll be back. reduce your entrance to the smallest till you get a robbing screen made, and id get rid of the boardman feeder and go with a inner bucket feeder. good luck,mike
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