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My girls where flying today

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Here in Northwest ohio the girls had a chance to get out. At the one hive that I, have at the house. The other two I didn't get by. Almost a balmy 50deg. today even if it was clouldy and rain early in the day.:D
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54 degrees in the panhandle of Texas today. Checked bees in my two bee yards. My wife and I had a pleasant surprise at the second beeyard. As we were driving up we noticed some odd shapes close to our hives. As we got closer, we realized they were ears. 18 mule deer were beded down around our hives. As we got closer, they started standing up. Amongst the group was a 6 point buck and a 4 point buck(for those not familiar with Muleys, you count the points on one side of the rack). We sat in the truck enjoying their presence for about five minutes before they began to wander off. Quite a site to see. It made our day. :) Bees were doing great as well.
Girls been flying for a week or so here, 11 miles NW of Ft Worth. Feeding heavy, syrup and mega bee. Not looking forward to the cool spell coming later this week. I'm ready to do the bee thing.
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