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My First Swarm Trap

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I have set up my first 3 swarm traps over the last 2 weeks. Today I got a text saying the 2nd one hung up, had visitors moving in. :thumbsup:

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I've got four out at the moment too. A weekend or two ago I noticed a bee buzzing around the entrance of one but so far no ones set up house. We've had quite a bit of rain so I'm thinking that's kept them from swarming.

I was prepping and stacking them in my driveway on Sunday and bees were going in and out of them. Unfortunately they were probably all my own bees. At least it motivated me to get in and check the bees. We have a little longer before swarms hit, I don't have any drones flying yet that I have seen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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