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my first swarm catch

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Saw a swarm about 40' in the air. Got to it on a roof with a ladder. It fell to the ground then swarmed back together on a chain link fence. I placed a 5 bar under it that had comb covered with lemongrass oil and honey.

The bees started slowly going into the 5 frame but never went completely in. I did see the queen and put her in the middle of two bars by hand.

Bees seemed to go in for a while then stopped around dusk.

Not sure what next step should be. Still close to 3 pounds outside of the super. It is now dark.

any suggestions appreciated.

figure out how to get a photo here. tried uploading pics, linking to google + and my own hosting site.


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Just wait. Not much help,,,,maybe spray some lemongrass oil on the box.
Patience, and good luck! Try not to disturb them much, especially around mid-day. If you have them contained (screened), they can stay a day or two in a cool, dark garage, being fed and settling in. If vigin, she should have access fly/mate in 3-5 days.
I like to hive all my swarms in a ten frame medium super. Most often there is just the right amount of space for them all to fit inside and there is no messing with them.
Bugging bees = bugging out.
Good luck
From the photo it looks like you are trying to get them to go into an open top box. They like a dark cavity. Put a top and bottom on and let them find the entrance. If the queen is in there they will probably march right in.
have a top cover on with a 2" hole and the bottom has a 2" hole at the entrance. there is a bottom on it.

if nothing changes by dusk, I am going to move them to a 10 deep and see what happens over night. probably some more lemon grass oil and honey in there.
>probably some more lemon grass oil and honey in there.

Four drops of lemon grass essential oil is helpful. More is counterproductive...
got tired of half in and half out. put the queen in a queen box then moved her to a 10 frame deep box. 3/4 bees went in but 1/4 stayed out.

Ill leave her in there for a day then let her out and see what happens.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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