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I had my first robbing experience yesterday. I split a 8frame 4 deep medium hive. I split it three times making 4 hives altogether. I ordered 2 queens from B Weaver, So two hives got those queens, one got the origial queen and I was gonna let the other hive make there own so I could see what it was like. Well the hive I left the origianl queen only ended up with three frames of bees cause I thought she would build it back up pretty quick. I moved all splits to my father in laws house and put entrance feeders on all of them. Well they worked over the hive with the original queen in it pretty hard. Once I noticed it I reduced the entrance down so only one bee could fit through. But, last nite when I looked in on them there was only about 1 1/2 frames of bees left. What a sick feeling. I feel like I let them down. I have now removed those entrance feeders and whent to a jar on top of the inner cover. I see now why some people don't like entrance feeders.
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