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I've had my bees 2 weeks now. Today I did my first real inspection - the only other times I've opened the hive was to take out the queen cage at 1 week.

I think things are looking good! I have 1 deep box of 10 frames in place with wax foundations. If I think of those numbered 1-10, 1 was empty, 2-6 were well built out with drawn comb, most of it capped. I didn't see the queen but I saw some larvae (not a real lot though). Frame 7 was partially drawn out, and 8-10 were empty.

Comb was mostly where it belonged, though i found a big chunk of it under the top feeder.

I removed that chunk under the top feeder. I also swapped frame 6 with frame 8, so now it has one empty, 1 partially drawn out, and then 1 pretty full. This seemed better to me than swapping 7 & 8, which would have made it full - empty - partial.

I had the hive open for about 10 min at that point, and its about 55F out, so I didn't want to keep it open any longer. I plan to check again in 1 week.

I still haven't been stung.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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