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Good job. :applause: I did the same thing this weekend. My first extractor harvest. I ended up renting a big 9 frame hand crank one from my bee supplier. It was nice to get them all done at one time. I do like the idea of going with a small plastic one. I'm not planning on having more than 2 hives so this would be a good size (and price!). Is this the one you got?

If it is, this one says that it'll extract 2 deep frames. Did you extract deep frames or super frames? Just wondering if you can put different size frames in it.

I had some friends that are interested in keeping bees come over and help. It was pretty cool being the one that knew the most about a particular topic! :D

Yeah, my friends/family will be getting a lot of honey next holiday season as well.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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