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My first experience with "creative" comb

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My third year beekeeping and I decided to go foundationless. I like it. I like it a lot.

So, I placed a deep with foundationless frames on the hive a couple of weeks ago. All frames had starter strips in them and I thought the bees would have no problems building straight comb. :doh:

I checked on them today and two frames were beautifully drawn out...the four directly next to them, however, were not.

Do you know what a Bishop's Cap looks like? I had about four miniature bishop cap's stretching across the bottom of four frames, which attached them together quite nicely :lpf:

Until this day, I've never seen bees build comb from the bottom up. I know they do this, but never in my hives until now.

Anyways, I stuck a piece of left over foundation in a couple frames and called it good. I'm sure this shall fix my error. Life is good.
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Yes, the main thing is to get a straight line again. They often build from the bottom up when it's foundationless as they want to build from the top down but they want to build below where they are. That's the natural direction for bees to build. Empty space above them is not normal for them.
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