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My first experience with bee aggresstion

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This is the second year of bee keeping for me. I was doing a hive inspection last weekend and it started out fine. I'm pretty sure it was when I decided to scrape off comb that was on a frame bottom that things got bad. Normally during inspection I have one or two fly and bounce off the front of my hood no big deal as everyone else seems calm. This time I had many doing this, bees were flying everywhere, and I got my first sting right through my gloves. I started to panic but since I wasn't getting stung anymore just stuck it out and got the hive put back together as fast as I could!
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Get a smoker. :)
Got one but it did run out near the end.
When you start taking stings to the hands or gloves and push that smell back into the hive I find that they get REAL excited in a hurry. I had one that went ballistic on me and on the way home I rubbed my hands on my pants to find that I must have had 20 in my pants. I never get them in my pants unless I crush one with my knee lifting a box. Put the smoke to the sting area right away, if you can, put the covers on where you are and cover the open boxes and get some more fuel for that smoker. They are coming after that sting site.
Yes, smoke that sting. And stay calm. And don't wear fuzzy black stretch pants and black socks with flip flops - I was lazy and didn't feel like changing my clothes, it was chilly outside. I've got sweet calm bees but they couldn't stand that major fashion faux pas and let me know it.....painfully and repeatedly! They are girls, too, after all.
I just got stung on my face the other day. One of my 'girls' got in thru a tiny hole in my hat, got into my veil and got me right on the cheek. That's what I get for going too deeply in to check the babies!
A little smoke makes a world of difference. Did you smoke it?
A little smoke makes a world of difference. Did you smoke it?
Yes, I did! I smoked a little then a lot! Then I smoked myself as I was retreating. I think a sting in the face is the worst, now I'm all 'lopsided'! Are Queen larvae much larger than the others?
>! I smoked a little then a lot!

A little works better than a lot...

> Are Queen larvae much larger than the others?

That's what I get for going too deeply in to check the babies!
I was told to smoke them good to start and they are good. The old man that show me what little I know is commercial and smoked the entrance, cracked the top, puffed a few puffs, and then cracked the top super lose and smoked the hive there.

I must have nice bees cause I haven broken them completely down several times and they didn't get too mad yet. But I have only 3 boxes deep so far.
I keep a small spray bottle (the travel sized ones) filled with rubbing alcohol in my bee box with me when I inspect. If I get stung once or twice either on my skin or my gloves, I'll spritz the spot with alcohol and rub it clean. It dries fast and seems to do a good job reducing the likelihood of getting the bees all worked up.
Bees hate gloves. I receive a lot of stings in my hands but that doesn't attract more bees. Completely different with gloves on. As long as you are gentle to the bees, use some but not too much smoke, and work quick but calmly, you're fine.
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