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my bees have swarmed

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yesterday i went out to refresh the lemongrass oil in my traps when i went over by one of my hives i heard a very loud buzzin from almost 50 feet away, i looked up and there in a spruce tree was a cloud of bees, after about 15 min they were clustered. they are about 20 ft up in a spruce tree, the tree itself is only 25 feet tall. i did climb the tree just to get a closer look but them is no way i can remove them from the tree they are just too hard to get to. plus i have a really bad shoulder and even lifting empty bee boxes can hurt at time, ( i probably should not have climbed the tree!)

about three weeks ago i split my only hive (Russians), this swarm is right next to the new split, but when i look at the new split it doesnt seem crowded at all, its still a busy hive but not crowded. i went over to my original hive and opened it up and this hive was chaotic! the bees were more aggressive then usual and i dont think i have ever seen so many bees in a hive before. i think i may need to split it again but that another topic.

im assuming that the swarm either came from my original hive or cam from the organic farm across the street ( they are new beekeepers as well and when i talk to them it seems that they dont do much with their bees, which is fine but i suspect since they didnt do any splitting that their hive may have swarmed)

so i did call up a couple local beekeepers and they all gave me suggestions and i did my best to follow them all. but i wanted to put this out on the web and get some more suggestions

since this hive swarmed near my traps is it likely that they are going to end up in them?

also i put out everything i had yesterday, all over the yard with a little lemongrass oil, do you thing these fresh traps will help?

do i have good odds of trapping them, with 5 traps in the yard?

if i somehow figure out how to get them down and in a box do i have to move them to another location? or can i just put them out in the yard that they swarmed too?