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I don't suppose this is your case, just to share an experience. One of the first hives I caught, when moving it to the box, I tried to keep as much comb as possible. In total I filled 9 of the 10 frames of the box, I even left old brown hard combs. It was a big hive, and for the next 2 weeks I kept watching them bring out the brood over and over. Just removing brood, sometimes fully developed baby bees were brought out and killed, and since it was one of my first hives and ones I had caught, I just couldnt figure the answer.

Later I learned that the wax moth, and there are 2 different ones here, one small and one big, likes old dark comb, they barely eat new wax. All the brood I kept seeing them remove were either killer or injured by the moth's larvae. The bees eventually absconded and I burned all that moth infested comb.


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