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My Assembly Jig

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Just thought I would share. Seems to work great.
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Nice. Thanks for sharing. One thing that would speed things up a little would be toggle clamps in place of the screw clamps. We used them by the hundreds on our jigs and fixtures in the machine and fabricating shop. One quick snap to clamp or unclamp.
I had looked at some toggle clamps, but the ones I found had very short throw, and were expensive. The screw clamps were made from some c-clamps from the junk tool store (china) 5$ each, cut off the part we want and welded it to a 3/4 bolt.
The table is a great tool, from festool, it has a crosscut sled and lots of uses not cheap, but worth every cent.
How did you fab out the table? Is it just a couple of sheets of MDF in a frame?
very nice table. I will have to sneek it in the shop without the wife seeing. again great idea.
That's great! shame I've almost got all my supers for the next few years done... that would have been a big help.
In the upper left hand corner of the second picture, you have what looks like 4 pieces of 1 by? connected to something that looks like a plumbers sink wrench. And then there is 1 modified clamp next to it. I don't understand what that is about. Looks to me like you would make the two sides perfectly square and just use the bolted on braces. What is the deal with that?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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