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Mutant bee

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I did a walk-away split a few weeks ago and was in the hive last weekend looking for eggs. I had seen the queen very soon after her emergence but wanted to see if she had mated and gotten to her work. I did not see her nor any eggs last weekend. What I did see was a bee that seemed to share the characteristics of a worker and a queen. It was the size of a worker but it had a smooth, tapered abdomen like a queen. The abdomen was very dark--not an amber color like the queen and clearly not banded or the least bit fuzzy like the workers. She moved about the frame much like the other bees and they paid no extra attention to her as if she were a queen or an intruder. Anyone ever see something like this? I only saw the one bee like that.

Not seeing the queen that I knew had emerged nor any eggs, I pinched the strange bee and gave that hive a frame of eggs from another hive just in case. Went back tonight to check and there were no queen cells but a pretty nice pattern of eggs and larvae :applause: from the newly mated queen. She was obviously there last weekend--I had just missed her. Any ideas or similar experiences with the mutant bee that I saw?
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No-definitely not drone. I have seen plenty and they're huge, fuzzy, and very blunt, rounded abdomens. She was worker size. Head and thorax looked very worker-like but abdomen was slim, tepered, etc.
i saw something VERY similiar to that. After watching her for a while, I decided it was a Virgin...took her out of the cage and sure enough, it was a small Virgin queen....small im sayin
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