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Mucho bees in the wall...

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today being a 90+ degree day, I drove to where I hope to trap out, suck up honeybees one day. WOW!!! it is amazing that one wall of cement block can hold this many hbs.

now this would be the catch of all time highs. there is three other hives in the block wall but this was the biggest bearded one today. i could suck all those darlings up and it still would be useless because the queen is inside, right? what if i sucked them up and placed them in a hive that had brood and honey, would they develop a new queen? and would i have to block all exits and keep them in there for what 2 to 3 days? any suggestions will go appreciated, thanks in advance. gonna have to buy a gas generator, sheesh, this is an expensive hobby, psst, don't tell the mrs. ;)
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you could do it as a package setup. once you have the generator, you could suck up all the bees you could get, and put them all in a hive with some brood, give them a day and add a queen, and hope for the best, but you are late starting something like that in MHO. If you have comb to put them on for a boost it would help. How long have they been there?? might wnt to give them eggs and let them raise their queen and move her back close for drone breeding to keep some of the genetics.
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