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Hello Everyone,
I won't get into too many details but I am no longer able to manage and properly take the time to be a beekeeper thanks to a new job, relocation, and new born.

These numbers are about 98% accurate. I am looking to move everything as I do not have time to meet people to part out. I am asking $8,500 OBO, please be respectful I have well over 14k invested. Everything has been painted with at least 3 coats of exterior paint and is less than 3 years old. Photos upon request.

Contact Information:
[email protected]

Hive Total=65 hives in multiple configurations, A mix of Italians and Russian Hybrids. All equipment are 8-frame

Deep Boxes=142 w/1,108 Frames, Mostly wood frames with plastic Rite-Cell Foundation; to include 60 Plastic green drone frames and 100 New wood frames with Rite-Cell
Medium Boxes=38 w/319 Frames, Mostly wood frames with plastic Rite-Cell Foundation; 100 New wood frames with Rite-Cell
Unassembled Medium Boxes=42
Unassembled Deep Boxes=12
Tops w/Inner Covers=54
Solid Bottom Boards=42, a couple of screened bottoms are mixed in
Pro NUC Boxes=20
Cardboard NUC boxes=25
Frame Pro Feeder (1 Gallon)=10
Bee Smart Feeder (1 Gallon)=4
Beetle Blaster=38
-Custom Homemade Equipment-
Tops w/Inner Covers=21
Solid Bottom Boards=24
Swarm Boxes=6

Oxavap Provap 110
Varrox Oxalic Acid Vaporizer
5 Gallon Bee Blanket Heater
Plastic Uncapping Tank
Heated uncapping knife
Uncapping Knife
4/2 Honey Extractor
1lb Plastic Invertible Squeeze Bottles w/lids-Rough Count=300
1-1/2 Plastic Bottles w/lids-Rough Count=300


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Just a thought, have you also contacted your local and surrounding Associations. An announcement during a meeting can do wonders, for finding a local person that will be able to work with you for a big purchase. Good luck.

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I'd be all over this if I lived on the East coast. Good luck selling!
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