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Hi Bob D--It will not be a problem. There are a lot of different posts here about moving hives. Check some of them out through the search of this site.
All you will need to do when ready to move your hives is:
In the evening after all the foragers have returned to the hive seal up the entrances with screen or boards or whatever.
Strap or nail strips of wood to keep the hive from shifting or sliding apart.
Have a helper to lift the hives onto the trailer or truck or whatever you are using to move the hives.
After placing the hives at the new location place limbs or brush over the entrance/exit of the hives so that the bees will reorient to their new location.
Unplug the entrances.
That is the basiics simplified.
Remember that the bees need air when moving, especially in hot weather. After you search for more information and prepare it will be quite easily accomplished.
Hope this helps!
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