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We have a prolific hive that now consists of two deeps and three medium boxes, two of which are sitting above a queen excluder.

About two months ago we split this hive and that second hive appears to be doing well, in fact I added another brood box to it yesterday.

We extracted almost 3 gallons of honey about a month ago from the large hive. This hive is pretty aggressive in general for some reason, and the longer I take when inspecting they seem to get more agitated, not so with the other hive. This hive will need more room soon if I don't split it again, but no signs of swarming behavior at this point though.

The two mediums above the excluder are now filled again with capped honey;

1. I'm wondering if we should move one of these medium honey supers to the hive that was split off, so those bees have a food source during the dearth?

2. Should we extract more honey for ourselves or leave one honey super in this larger hive too?

3. Lastly, should we attempt another split, and if so should we put a full honey super on that split?

At this point we have more honey than we can use and I'm not interested in selling any excess. We have sent some to friends and relatives, but it costs a small fortune to mail.

Thanks for any advice,

Middle Tennessee
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