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Moving Hives Short Distances

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Because of my location I have distinct spots in my apiary for hives. Each spring I have the need to move one or two colonies into a new position within the bee-yard for reasons that I won't go into now, but necessary.
I usually can move the hives by either moving them a foot or so a day until I reach the new location. That has worked ok in the past.
I also have tried re-locating during cold, rainy spells by closing up the hive completely (with screens for ventilation) for 2-3 days, moving them 15 feet to the new location and putting pine branches, leaves, etc. in the way of the entrance so they have to climb over them when they leave and reorient. That has also worked just fine.
My question is, does anyone know research that has been done on the maximum distance you can move a hive each day and have a high retention rate of the population? Also has anyone looked into that plus weather conditions or the best interval between each move? (e.g. one day? two days? one flight day? etc.)

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