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Hi, My name is Rodney, I live in northern Utah. This will be my first year as a Beek, I started out with the backyard beekeeper book and have since read everything I could get my hands on. After a few weeks perusing Michael Bush's website I have decided to follow many of his methods, they just make sense to me.

Anyway, I have gotten all my hive stuff built, converted my screened bottoms to a closed system so I can use top entrances and have ordered some Mann Lake 4.95 small cell frames, so now i'm simply waiting for the time to pass till I can pick up my bees, this is where my question comes in.

I ordered 2 5-frame deep Carniolan Nucs, from a local bee farm about 60 miles from my house. This was back before I decided to go with all medium boxes. I have 2 deep boxes to accomodate the frames once I get them. I would just like some advice oh how and when to move the colony over to the medium frames and medium supers. Any advice would be helpful

Thank You in Advance.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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