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There was a thread on here yesterday about moving 500 yards with good experience reported. Scroll back a bit to that but the idea of putting stuff around the entrance was the basic idea.
And Fuzzy , 100-150 bee loss out of a hive or many hives is sad but very minor losses. We try to avoid moving hives around but you do what you have to do and sometimes when you have the time to do it.
My only move was single story starters that I had to move away from my stronger hives. Slipped four of them into the back of a Ford Bronco II.
Ran a 4 inch wide piece of 1/4 inch plywood for a foot along the bottom board with a short screw in each corner to attach the bottom. About a month later when they needed a second super I brought them back to my house.
Best of luck on the move, and I assume you'll be doing it soon while the hives are at the lowest populations.
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