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Moving Bees in Heat?

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I started three 5 frame nucs a couple months ago. They are each now hived in two medium supers with solid bottoms and migratory covers. A fellow wants to buy a couple and move them now. He lives three hours away. I about killed a hive moving it only 45 miles in the summer a couple of years ago. I am in SW AR and it WILL be 90 degrees or more. Would you refrain from selling - or is there anything I can do to insure survival while transporting?
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I've moved bees a couple hours in boxes with onle a screen covered bottom entrance, but i kept them in the cab with the A/C on.
I would staple window screen over the top and screen the entrance and tell him not to stop or they will die. If it is not stop and go traffic but pretty constant motion, it shouldn't be a problem. something for shade that doesn't block airflow would be good Or inside with good AC.
maybe a damp towel over part of the screen for evaporative cooling and for them to suck some water from. and/or wet sponge on the bottom
If it were me I would install a screened inner cover on top and bottom. Ninety degrees isn't going to hurt as long as there is air flow. Shut up in the car will kill them.
Wait until 6 PM, do not screen them in, maybe strap them, load in pickup and take off.... no biggee. Do not stop till you get home.
It's always cooler at night and they don't have the sun on them...
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