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I am looking for suggestions: a tree limb had fallen a couple days back in a wind-storm. A young bee hive was exposed in the 10" dia. limb with three small, saucer size combs. The limb had split off the tree, so everything was exposed. I cut a 2' section of limb and placed it in a box with about a coffee-can size full of attached bees. I took it to my place (10 miles from the original site). The wooden box I placed them in has a slit in it; the bees are moving in and have accepted it as their home. I need to move them into a hive-box. I was planning on using a bee-vac; collecting the bees; moving some comb into a hive box; removing the box/limb from the site; then introducing the bees to the new hive-box. No idea whether queen is there yet or not. Guess I will find out in the move process. An ok procedure? Thanks.
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