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If a swarm is caught and put in a hive box in the same location (temporarily) during the day, will they orientate to that location right away? I moved the box that night to a different location one mile away. Will they orientate at the new place? Or will they fly back to where they were captured?

I also newspaper combined them, placing them on top of a queenless hive.

I'm concerned that they will fly back to the place where I caught them because they were in the hive box at that location for several hours before I moved them. I plan on placing grass and twigs at the entrance but that method hasn't always worked for me.

I read a person's suggestion to close the hive for 72 hours, saying that the bees will re-orientate. I have never tried that and was wondering if anyone has, and does it work? I use screened bottom boards and screened inner covers and the temperatures here aren't expected to be above 70. Is it a bad idea? Good idea?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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