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Moving a hive

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A friend recently inherited some bee hives. I have had a little experience, so I went to try to tell her some basics.
The person left them on her property just a few days earlier on the edge of the woods facing away from the morning sun. I had always been taught they need to get morning sun, so we turned the entrance around and moved them 15 - 20 yards (I'm not good at estimating distances) back away from the woods to a clearing where the sun could shine on the front. She just called and said she had read not to move a hive twice in a short amount of time and not so far away because the bees would get confused and not know where to return....what would have been the better thing to do? Leave them where they were getting no morning sun or move them?
Should she try to move it back where it was or is it too late? (We moved them Saturday am)
Please advise...

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If you do it again, put a branch in front of the entrance after you move them. This triggers the foragers leaving to reorient and figure out where they are. Even if you don't they will find the hives by the end of the day. They just circle in bigger and bigger circles until they find it.
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