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Mountain Camp: How to add add'l sugar?

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I employed the Mountain Camp method of feeding my bees this winter. I have a 2" shim under the inner cover, and the newspaper and sugar mound are on top of the frames.

Well, the bees are well into the sugar, and I feel it's time to add more. I read about using paper towels to fill in the gaps where the bees have eaten, but I am unsre as to the specifics.

Do I lay the paper towels down right on top of the bees sitting there on the top bars? Do I need to smoke them at all? Obviously I want to disturb things as little as possible in this cold. Currently the bees are in this 2" space (they are touching/grouping at the hole in the inner cover as well).


-- Steven
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I use the MC method as well. How you patch the pile of sugar is really up to you. Just make sure they can get to it. Sometimes the bees are all over the sugar pile when I open the hive, and sometimes I place the newspaper or paper towel on top and pour on some sugar. I usually do not need to use a smoker in the winter, because its usually to cold for them to fly.

If you're worried about crushing bees when you pour the sugar on....don't. Sometimes I kill a couple bees, but if you don't dump it on all at once, they usually just move out the way when you start pouring the sugar.
I've always taken a ten (or four) pound package of sugar and layed it in the hive whole so I don't have to try to put paper back in etc., then cut a slit or two on the top side and pour in a little (very little) water to get it to clump and to get them interested in it. Don't turn it into slush. Just get it damp. I've heard of people dunking the whole package unopened into water and setting that in there...
news paper or paper towel between the two outside piles works great for me. I like Michael Bushs idea with putting the whole bag in, would think it would work great.

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