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Moth Damage control

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Lesson learned, I guess. I kept reading that it would be ok to put boxes of frames out in the light and they would not be attacked by wax moths. I put a bunch of boxes out on a covered deck, but it only had a roof, no sides (think gazebo), so there was indirect sunlight all day long. I had the boxes all standing on their sides for most light availability. This was two fold in thought process... Bees could rob all the excess nectar, honey and pollen before being stored for winter, and being in the open light, they should not be bothered by moths.

Well that is a bunch of Huey!!!! At least in this part of Virginia.

I may have lucked out though, as they've only been there a couple of weeks and it looks like the damage was just starting on the few boxes I checked. I have a deep freeze with enough room for 4 boxes at a time that I'm putting them into, and will cycle through the 16 or 18 boxes, 48 hour freezing, that need to be stored till next spring.

I'll then stack them with moth crystals and seal the seams with packing-stretching tape to seal it up. That should hold them through next spring, with possible checking on crystals in a couple of months to make sure they are working.

question is about the stuff that's in there. I'm confident that the freezing will kill existing eggs and larva. Do I need to clean them out, or will the bees clean them out before using them next spring? From what I'm seeing, this is about the extent of damage so far, some have larva lines that may be six or eight inches, but it's not complete take over of the frames by any stretch. I caught them in the begging stage of distruction.

And the little white objects. Are those eggs? It's obvious that the black pieces are poop, but the white is not so obvious.

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if the damage to the frame is not much more than is shown in the pictures, will the bees do a complete clean out on them when they are placed back on the hives next spring? I am freezing the frames now, and will spray with Bt before putting into storage. Since I don't have a plethora of frames, these frames will be used for both brood and/or honey next year and I don't like the idea of the honey being stored in cells with old moth doo doo in it.
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