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Most Effective SHB Control?

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It seems to me this is probably in the forum somewhere, but I have not been able to find it in a comprehensive form. I also recognize it may be folly to ask, but here goes:

What is the most effect method of controlling small hive beetles? There are a lot of posts referring to this trap or that trap, oil coated boards or just making sure the bees have a small area to patrol and protect.

I would prefer to remain treatment free, but also want to use a method that requires the least amount of maintenance. Am I asking too much?
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The IPK beetle trap from green beehives. I run one on every hive I have. I don't give SHB a second thought.

While there may be some who doubt they work I'm yet to see someone who has them say they don't work.
I build my own and do not have a beetle problem even though I am in Alabama. Free plans on my site if you are into building your own equipment.


I second the vote for entrance reducers. I also find migratory tops are better than telescoping covers with inner covers. Match population and real estate. That helps too.
"What is the most effect method of controlling small hive beetles?"
For me, plenty of sunlight and not too much empty space. For the hives, same thing.
I don't do anything. I do run migratory tops as I see telescoping covers and inner covers as a waste of money. I see some SHB in my hives and have never even thought about trying to control them. Strong colonies will control them.
I apply nematodes to the area around the hive in spring or early summer. keep the hives in good sunlight, and I never see SHB in my hives. Lucky me!
Hi, you want to be pesticide/chemical free!! So do we all, I have gone with "The IPK beetle trap from green beehive", who also gives explicit instructions on how to build your own trap, just like the one he sells. I built them over the winter after having an infestation last year and this Spring. Once I swapped out my old bottom board with the trapped boards I made myself, I don't have a single SHB.

Do it!!
Strong hives in full sun...
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