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Help needed please.

I have a propane gas fogger. We have lots of mosquitos and we have bees on our land.
I love the bees!
I don't love the mosquitos!
I don't love the wax moths!

I have been told mineral oil suffocates the veroa mites and does not affect the bees.

Will mineral oil also get rid if mosquitos and wax moths?

If not does anyone have a chemical, non chemical or anything I can put into my fogger that will get rid of mosquitos but IS BEE FRIENDLY?

Also wax moths.

Thank you


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Mineral oil in a fogger will not kill mosquitoes. Mineral oil in a fogger will not kill wax moths. Mineral oil fogged into a bee hive will kill some Varroa but requires repeated doses every week to make any noticable difference and then it pretty much just keeps the population about the same and never really reduces it. It lacks the knockdown power to really put a dent in the Varroa mites. Anything you fog for mosquitoes will kill bees.
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