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Mosquito spraying experiences

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I wrote a story for the papers in our region, bringing up the concerns of local farmers, beekeepers etc. about the state's (Massachusetts) plan to spray Anvil to kill mosquitoes.

I want to do a follow-up on results that people like yourself experience when this kind of spraying is done. There seem to be little in the way of follow-up by the State..

Anecdotes, links to study, personal opinions are fine, and if you can, contact information for follow-ups.

Thanks, Frank Mand, Plymouth Massachusetts
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You're the first response, and I appreciate how detailed you are. I am surprised by how much spraying they do in your area. Aren't there concerns, or objections by farmers? At the least it means washing their produce before market, but Anvil also kills mosquito predators such as dragonflies, and for organic farmers the issue is obvious.

And if they spray so much in your area, isn't that an indication that it isn't working? What do they do for the long-term reduction in the mosquito population?

Here they spray very little, and oftentimes when testing indicates high concentrations of various viruses (EEE or West Nile) they spray aerially - which is hard to control.

Then there is the issue of the long-lasting effects of insecticides on bees.

Thanks again for your initial response. Let me know if you have other information, links, ect.
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